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Calling all you readers out there! We have a new company that is being started by a motived young man who needs our help. He is raising money to kickstart his venture and looking for contributions, but rest assured you’ll get something in return.

I’m talking about Ian Hoyt and his new company called Heading 370. Ian is a college student, a private pilot, and an entrepeneur. His company is going to revolutionize apparel in the aviation section. I encourage everyone to check out his website at heading370.com or hdg370.com for a preview of things to come. To see how you can get involved in helping out, keep reading.

From the CEO of Heading 370, Ian Hoyt, “However, lets face the fact, its hard to find a store that provides high quality creative apparel that is geared towards the aviation community. This is where Heading 370 steps in. In just a few short weeks our opening will officially be here. With this we hope to provide the community with a choice, a choice to pick something different. ”

Click here to access the page below which hosts a short video to learn more about what you can do and to hear from Ian regarding the campaign:

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I’m really excited to see where this goes and I have already made my contribution.

Come on, you can never have too much aviation-wear!

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