How To Be a Pilot ebook: Update #1

how to become a pilot

How To Be a Pilot ebook: update #1
I’m still cranking away at the ebook on how to be a pilot. It has been fun so far. Because it’s an ebook there’s an immense amount of flexibility, which really allows you to be as creative as you want. Plus it will let me distribute it for free – something that was impossible before the internet.

I am focusing on the basics, but I also want to incorporate some of the nuances that they don’t tell you about in the mainstream ‘learn to fly’ publications. All this and keeping it at a readable length will be a challenge.

I have five out of nine chapters in rough draft, emphasis on rough, and some of the template and artwork are done. My goal is to have it completed within the next six months, but we’ll see.

Because I’m not plugged into the Sport Pilot world, I will be reaching out to some of my friends who have experience in that area for help.

Overall, I hope it adds value to the newcomer and I hope you will share it.

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