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Vendors – The best flight planning and flight prep product on the market for aviators.  Use on iPad and other platforms, integrates with various GPS and traffic devices. Use by professional pilots worldwide

Gleim Test Prep Products – Highly accurate test prep tools used extensively to get through high level ratings. – a completely integrated flight planning solution. Use you computer or mobile device

Free Stuff 

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The Pilot’s Manifesto – This eBook will be a valuable companion to any current or would-be pilot.

Checklist for How To Be a Pilot – This step-by-step checklist takes you through how to become a rated pilot from ground zero. Even if you are already a pilot, share this with a friend who isn’t

How To Be a Pilot Poster – This poster can be downloaded to almost any device (.pdf) or you can print it out for your convenience. Share it for your non-flying friends

Becoming a professional pilot checklist – This is my personal path to flying for a living.  This downloadable checklist may not suit everyone’s situation, experience, or desires

How to be a Pilot this free ebook takes you through a typical private pilot’s journey from start to finish. Even if you are already a pilot, we encourage you to share this ebook for the newbies


Resources Links

Here are some links that I have found useful. – There is so much good content on this site, I could spend days. The video section alone is worth bookmarking – online classifieds that you waste hours and hours dreaming about airplanes – It’s not all about builders on this site. There are tons of great articles and video for anyone into sport aviation

General Aviation News – great source of news and GA related articles. They publish a ton of content each day

Air Facts Journal – excellent articles on all sorts of aviation topics – an online extension of Flying magazine. You don’t need to be a subscriber to enjoy their content


Product Reviews

Here’s a list of products I have reviewed on this site.

Aviation Weight&Balance Calculator App – this app is awesome and the customer service from the pilot who makes this app is second to none. Amazing!

Takeoff – Aviation Weather App – my favorite weather app and it runs on android too

HGS Flight for ipad – a mini-simulator that runs only on ipads, but it’s free and fun

GoPro Hero 3: Black Edition: not a thorough review, more of an overview

Cloudahoy App – A poor mans flight data recorder. Has some really neat features. Works great and best of all, it’s free!

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