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April 5, 2014

Amazing Airlines: A book review

I was recently contacted by a young author named Aditya Palnitka. He wrote a book called “Amazing Airlines.” Having read the book, is it an excellent account of how airlines work. It goes into areas such as: the logistics involved in operation of an airline, all of the details you would see as a passenger…

October 12, 2013

Life of Flight: 100 Hours from my Logbook (a book review)

Author Jon Vitt had done an extraordinary thing. He has written a book that literally takes you through every step of his journey to becoming a Private Pilot. You might read a lot of very clinic explanations of how you learn to fly, but this account takes you inside the process in a step-by-step walk…

June 15, 2013

Your Road to Wings: How to Become an Air Force Pilot

One of the things I’m fascinated with is military aviation. Even though I missed the boat in my youth due to bad eyesight, I still lament about “how it could have been” jousting the skies in an F-15. I recently had an opportunity to pick up an interesting ebook by USAF Captain Jonathan Kulak, titled…

May 26, 2013

50 Tales of Flight: A Review

I recently had the opportunity to read Owen Zupp‘s book, 50 Tales of Flight. I have to tell you if you like reading a wide cross-section of aviation, this book is for you. That’s because Owen and his family have a long history in aviation. Owen is a highly published author and professional pilot. His…

May 10, 2013

The Last Bush Pilots: A Review

I have two constants when it comes to my book-reading life. I read anything written by a fellow pilot, but I almost never read non-fiction. In this case I am really glad I broke one of my rules to read Captain Eric Auxier’s novel titled, The Last Bush Pilots. The funny thing is it’s hard…

January 17, 2013 Book Club January 2013: You Can Fly Now

Each month I will feature an aviation book that I would recommend you add to your collection. This month I read a really cool book about learning to fly. Titled You Can Fly Now: Your Keys to a Sky Full of Opportunity, by John S. Craparo. This book is a really quick read, but it…

December 10, 2012 Book Club December 2012: Top Gun Days

Each month I will feature an aviation book that I would recommend you add to your collection. I recently finished this book and it was an outstanding read – I couldn’t put it down! If you love books that are written by the person who was there and did the real stuff, you’ll love this…

November 14, 2012

Aviation Book List: ebooks

Aviation Book List: ebooks A friend of the blog asked on our Facebook page about a list of recommended aviation books. He was specifically interested in books that could be downloaded, since he lives overseas. Although we have the Book of the Month Club where we feature a book each month, I am going to…

November 5, 2012 Book Club November 2012: Stick and Rudder

Each month I will feature an aviation book that I would recommend you add to your collection. An appropriate title for some of my more recent posts, Stick and Rudder: An Explanation of the Art of Flying is the oldest flying book I have read and it might be the most practical. Wolfgang Langewiesche was way…

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