October 1, 2015

Emerson Lake & Palmer Spitfire “Hardest Day”

Thanks to guest poster Sam Stoddart for this excellent writeup and video sharing the flight of the Spitfires – great history with a great artist! ——————— On the 18th of August, thousands of spectators gathered at Biggin Hall to watch the World War 2 Spitfires take flight once more to commemorate the 75th anniversary of…

September 14, 2015

Flight Report: The Phenom 300 Business Jet

Flight Report: Phenom 300 Business Jet The Phenom 300 Business Jet is Embraer’s latest production aircraft (Legacy 450 just passed certification and sales should begin soon), and has shown great success in both aircraft sales, and aircraft performance. Both the Phenom 100 and Phenom 300 are part 23, single pilot certified, jet aircraft. I am not…

August 11, 2015

A Guy I Know Better Than Myself

A Guy I Know Better Than Myself.  After switching frequencies, I heard a new voice come across my headset.  “Four Uniform Foxtrot.  Your are number two behind a Citation Sovereign on short final.  Cleared for the option” We had just hit our Comm Transfer button, changing our radio from Chicago Approach to Tower at Chicago…