Who is Brent?

Who is Brent Owens?

Contributor for iFLYblog.com
Senior level management pilot at a large corporate jet operator
Falcon 2000 Captain
EAA Technical Counselor
EAA Flight Advisor
Aircraft builder

My Story (the short version):

I started flying April of 1986 at the tender age of 15. I have pursued aviation ever since – still do, having been lucky enough to make a living in this industry since my teens.

My education was all civilian and early on it was pretty typical of today’s training programs. It was when I started flying-for-hire that my learning took on new direction under, my then employer, Jim Brewer. He taught me about flying in ways I could have never learned from a book or in the mainstream aviation circles – I owe him a lot.

Under Jim and others employers, I have been exposed to flying over 40 types of aircraft from ultralights to corporate jets, amassing just under 10,000 hours of flight time. In that time as former instructor, I taught dozens of people to fly in all types of aircraft. I also worked as test and demonstration pilot for a kit aircraft manufacturer and taught myself aerobatics.

I completed and currently fly an RV-8 kit aircraft, but over my career I have restored two other aircraft and assisted in the maintenance on dozens more (composite, tube and fabric, wood, and metal). I am a Technical Counselor and Flight Advisor for the Experimental Aircraft Association and Vice President of our local chapter – EAA9.org


Both of these airplanes share another common trait besides my stewardship – they both have ‘best in class’ handling. What do I mean by this? The control feel on both these aircraft are phenomenal. Not twitchy, but responsive. I deplore airplanes that fly like a wayward semi-truck. I much prefer to fly with my fingers and not worry about who’s really in control. And don’t take my word for it, ask folks who have flown airplanes in these lineages and they will tell you the same thing.

Currently I’m a management pilot and Falcon 2000 Captain for a large corporate operator in Ohio so I no longer fly full-time, but enjoy a blend of flying part-time at work and flying recreationally in my free time. This affords me the opportunity to view our general aviation community from different perspectives – something that I hope will benefit the reader.



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