Who is Matt?

Matt Hood - Contributor

Who is Matthew Hood?

Contributor for iFLYblog.com
Corporate Pilot
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My first flight lesson was in 1992. I was 15 and couldn’t wait to get my private. With the help of my parents, that dream came true when I was 17. After high school I attended a 2 year college while receiving my Airframe and Powerplant Certificate. During those 2 years I got a job as a Line Tech at Indianapolis International Airport, working full time on third shift. Fueling, de-icing and changing lavatories at night wasn’t glamorous work, but working around airplanes as an 18/19 year old was a lot of fun. In a bit of irony, I refueled many airplanes of the charter company that would come to hire me as a pilot many years later.

After A&P school, my next stop was Purdue University for my Bachelor of Science. During my time at Purdue University, I worked as a Customer Service Rep for an FBO where I checked in rental airplanes and rang up fuel receipts for corporate aircraft that flew in. Later I was able to instruct at the same FBO.

After college, I flew freight at night in light twin engine airplanes, worked for a commuter airline flying a regional jet, then became hired with my current employer flying business jets. Today I fly a medium sized business jet for a company that operates in and out of thousands of airports. One of the things I enjoy most about my job is the variety of flying we do. Even in my twelfth year, I am still going into new airports and shooting new approaches that I have never flown before.

When I go home, I get to pass what I love on to others with my 1946 Luscombe tail wheel airplane. I am also lucky that my Wife tolerates my aviation lifestyle. She works as a pilot with a major airline. Our dream is to someday own an airplane that we could fly Pilots N Paws and Angel Flight missions in together. In the mean time, we enjoy being a part of the Texas Antique Airplane Association and living near a special airport that is home to over 500 general aviation airplanes.

From working as a line guy years ago to flying turbine equipment and tail wheel airplanes today, I consider myself one of the luckiest guys I know.

What I enjoy most is sharing with others the fun that aviation has given me.

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