Who is David?

David LynnWho is David Lynn?

Contributor for iFLYblog.com
C-130H Navigator with 500 hours
Blogger at AviationGuy.com
Aspiring private pilot


I grew up under the departure corridor of DFW airport which meant that most of my childhood was spent distracted by airliners flying overhead wondering where they were going. I would often go to the airport just to admire the planes and wish I was flying in them. Many of my fondest memories of childhood are of time spent with my dad at random aviation museums with the highlight being a tour of the Boneyard at Davis Monthan AFB shortly after they had brought in hundreds of B-52s.

I am currently a navigator on the C-130H Hercules in the United States Air Force. It is an incredible rush standing on the flight deck behind the pilots as we yank and bank at 300 feet above the ground. Even with the incredible experience of being a crewmember on this historic aircraft, my heart still longs to be at the controls of a small aircraft. I am anxious to do that again in the near future after I finish my Master’s degree.

The thing I love most about aviation is the people and their willingness to share and help fellow aviators. I hope that I may be able to contribute in some small way to increasing interest in aviation, especially amongst the younger generation.

David Lynn