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December 22, 2014

Where is Mark today? – Chicago

Drumroll please… Chicago! Wait I meant sigh, Chicago… The last couple of days have been a whirlwind. Yesterday we departed HWD for DLS,  an airport that proved to be one of the most challenging approaches I have done in a jet in recent memory. The weather was marginal, but the gusty wind conditions only allowed…

November 9, 2014

General Aviation Versus Airline Flying

As mentioned before, iFLYblog.com is EXPANDING with NEW CONTRIBUTORS! Joining us today is Karlene Petitt, Airbus 330 Pilot and author! You can read her about page by clicking her name in the ABOUT menu on the iFLYblog.com homepage! A while back Karlene posted this neat question answer session she had with a young CFI who…

March 1, 2014

My Most Memorable Passenger

This is my humble contribution to the #blogformation group in which we are writing about our most memorable passenger(s). Having flown for hire all of my adult life, I have seen a lot different passengers. My most memorable one came from the days when I flew piston twins for a company in my home town. …