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October 12, 2013

Life of Flight: 100 Hours from my Logbook (a book review)

Author Jon Vitt had done an extraordinary thing. He has written a book that literally takes you through every step of his journey to becoming a Private Pilot. You might read a lot of very clinic explanations of how you learn to fly, but this account takes you inside the process in a step-by-step walk…

October 7, 2013

Looking Up!

As a pilot I have an irresistible tendency to look up when I see an airplane over head. For some reason I don’t think this instinct exists in the non-aviation oriented population. This has been demonstrated to me dozens of times when I’m in public. I reflexively strain my neck to place my gaze upon…

September 11, 2013

Do we really want more pilots?

Ok we say we want to grow the industry, but do we really? I feel like there are plenty among us who could care less. Maybe if you stopped and asked them directly they wouldn’t be so callous, but their actions elucidate their mentality. If you are the ones among us that are active in…

September 2, 2013

My One Wish For Aviation (Blogging in Formation Series)

This is my humble contribution to the blogging in formation series. If you had one wish for aviation what would it be? Make it: safer, more mainstream, less expensive, more accessible, increasingly social, more desirable, etc.?   In a nutshell, my one wish would be to make it less expensive, of course many of your would…

August 27, 2013

Youth Aviation Adventure Hangarfest 2013

I enjoyed the opportunity on Saturday evening to attend Youth Aviation Adventure’s annual Hangarfest fundraiser at my home airport of KCMH. This is the national headquarters for YAA and Spirit Avionics graciously opened up their facility to host the event. Rick Ochs and the guys at Spirit are very involved with YAA and it shows, they pulled…

August 14, 2013

Disney’s Planes

Like many, I have been waiting patiently the last several months for the opening of Disney’s latest offering. This movie is a spin-off of the wildly successful animated movie Cars, but since the theme was airplanes, what self-respecting pilot could resist? The wife wasn’t over enthused about going, but my youngest daughter, who’s 8, couldn’t wait.  …

July 14, 2013

Three things that scare pilots

Pilots don’t agree on much, but if you were to ask what are the scariest things that could potentially occur in an airplane you will almost universally get this answer: Fire, Structural Failure, and Midair (in no particular order). Not that we sit around trembling in fear of such things, but when the thought wafts…

July 5, 2013

How To Be a Good Student. This applies to all of us!

This post may sound like it is targeted at folks in training, but it really applies to all of us. It assumes that we are all “students” in some form or fashion. Let me explain. You see it doesn’t matter if you are a 787 driver with decades of experience and you flew F-15s prior…

June 22, 2013

Why do we suck at being safe?

I wrote a recent article for AirFactsJournal.com that highlights what I feel is the larger issue around light aircraft safety. It has very little to do with inadequate training or marginal equipment or antiquated regulations. I think the current training programs are fine (could always be better), the equipment very safe, and our FARs exist…

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