Amazing Airlines: A book review

amazing airlines

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I was recently contacted by a young author named Aditya Palnitka. He wrote a book called “Amazing Airlines.”

Having read the book, is it an excellent account of how airlines work. It goes into areas such as: the logistics involved in operation of an airline, all of the details you would see as a passenger and what does it all mean, booking and scheduling processes, phases of flight,  basic aerodynamics as it relates to transport category airplanes and much more. Aditya leaves no stone unturned. 


amazing airlinesThis book will not only introduce you to concepts you may have never thought about, it would be an amazing read for someone who flies infrequently or is unsure about it. 


It is written from the perspective of a non-pilot so as not to assume too much, but pilots can get a lot out of this book because it connects the dots in a way that furthers our understanding. Also, it’s a great resource to point others to who want to known more about the airline industry – it’s all right there.


I highly recommend this book, I had to rescue it back from my kids because they want to keep it. It’s a fascinating read, even for a veteran flyer and you are guaranteed to learn something.


AdityaAbout the author: Aditya Palnitkar is a 16 year old student and writer from Sunnyvale, CA. He has extensive experience as an airline traveler and spent thousands of hours researching the industry for this book. He aspires to start his own airline someday –  I know he will. If you read the book you’ll  understand why I say that. He’s a very talented and driven young man. I wish him success.

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By Brent Owens 

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