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Ok, I’m not talking about “flying the jungles of South America” kind of Amazon Aviator. I’m referring to the cyber-jungle that is Why am I a big fan of Amazon? Because you can find almost anything at the click of a button and aviation paraphernalia is no exception. [br]

It’s not just about books anymore! Although Amazon does have an unrivaled selection of books, it also has about anything else you might want. [br]

Need a flying gear, no problem! General parts for your airplane, sure thing! And much, much more.
I was blown away recently when I happened to look on there for a replacement battery for my airplane and I found it (same manufacturer and part number, but less expensive). Amazing! More poking around and I discovered headsets, transceivers, GPS units, and the list goes on and on. [br]
[br] for pilots
Plus I love buying something and then throwing in an obscure flying book or other aviation knick knack that I might not otherwise come across at the local brick and mortar book emporium. [br]
If you are an Amazon power-user like me, you can join AmazonPrime and get several other perks, chief among this is free and unlimited 2-day shipping. Although I am an Amazon AffiIiate, I admit that I haven’t graduated to that level just yet…
Pricing varies so I can’t testify that Amazon is always cheaper, but they do a good job in most cases. Plus if you aren’t opposed to buying something “pre-owned” that is often an option as well!
In my recent need to obtain new spark plug wires for my IO-360A1A, I looked, but no joy. I guess I found the limits of what Amazon can do for aircraft maintenance.
So I have incorporated Amazon into my shopping scan and unless price is significantly better somewhere else, you can call me the Amazon Aviator!

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