Aviation W&B Calculator App: a review

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weight and balance appI promise this is my last app review for a while, but the last two I have done have been great. This app is no exception. And no I’m not affiliated with the company, beyond getting to try it on my iOS devices.

Aviation W&B Calculator was chosen by Sporty’s and AOPA as one the top 10 apps for 2012 and I can see why.

I loaded this thing on my iphone 4S and in 10 minutes I had it running very detailed weight and balance calculations for my specific airplane. I was blown away when I saw the list of templates for existing aircraft. All you have to do is add your data, which took me more time to find than it did to set up in the app, and you’re done.

The app also creates really nice exportable w/b charts so you can prove to the feds that you really did do your w/b for your flight!

What about landing weight and balance, not to worry, it calculates that for you too. At $10.00 is represents the high-end of the app world, but in Aviation Units, it’s like buying a stick of gum!

W&B calculator

Sorry Android users, I didn’t see any options for you. I’m sure someone has that covered on that platform though.

You can search the title on the iTunes store or go to this link for more information: http://www.aviationwb.com/

If you can’t tell I’m really impressed with this app and I have no qualms recommending to my friends and fellow birdmen (and birdwomen)!

by Brent Owens

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