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browsetherampSo those of you that have been reading this site know I have a strong predilection to gawking at used aircraft classifieds. Besides various writing ventures, this might be my #1 pastime when I’m not actually flying.  

In the past there have been a couple of primary classified sites that I frequent and the rest I have ignored. Not anymore. Enter 


Browse The Ramp is the most visually inspiring and user-friendly aviation classified website I have come across. It may not offer the raw numbers of trade-a-plane or, but give them a few more years because what they lack in size they more than make up for in presentation. Just the infographics section alone is worth the visit (see sample at the top).


Unlike its competitors it isn’t clunky to use. You can just browse everything or you can break it down by category or if you are really specific just go for the prominent search box. 


Each ad is carefully constructed with all kinds of nice features that makes the journey not only enjoyable, but more addictive than a season of Breaking Bad.


They also have fun aircraft quotes done up in very stylized poster-type formats as well.


The best part of all of this is it’s free of charge. That’s right you can come and drool all you like and you only have to supply the computer and the bib. 


So if you have a chance, take a look at and let me know your thoughts. If looking for an airplane can be this fun, just image what it’ll be like to bring one of these beauties home.


by Brent Owens 


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