Chemical Trails for Mind Control???

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Let me first start off by saying that I am not easily trolled, but here are a few things that drive me nuts. When pilots on the radio say “fish finder”, I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut. A close second on “Marks top ten list of things he hates”  is the whole chemtrail thing. Obviously as pilots we understand what a ridiculous conspiracy this has become. Politicians are using videos of aircraft dumping fuel as “undisputed evidence” of chemtrails. For those who don’t have the internet (how would you be reading this if you didn’t?) and are unfamiliar with the term chemtrail, I will try to explain it. A chemtrail is a chemical trail left behind an aircraft. Pilots know this as contrails, or condensation trails.  Theories include: spraying mind control substances to control the population, spraying hallucinogenic narcotics in the air to keep us from knowing the truth, and spraying chemicals to control global weather. Now, there are a few instances where the term chemtrail can be used. Crop dusting is a chemtrail for sure. Spraying pesticides on crops is a trail of chemicals. Weather mod might fall into the category as well.  Salt flares once ignited emit a trail of smoke that modify microclimates, sure ok. But the conspiracy theorists are convinced there is a massive government cover up, and that pilots are all in on it. Recently there has been a Facebook page ad that has been showing up on my feed. It is so aggravating to read how people can be so ignorant.


chemical trail


If you don’t know what causes a contrail, it is fairly complex if you want to make it so, but it really has a simple explanation. Jet fuel is fairly crudely refined, in fact is barely refined. This means there is a certain concentration of water (among other impurities) in jet fuel. When the fuel is burned and exhausted, the water vapors that remain are expelled, and immediately turned into ice crystals. That is one, simple explanation of how contrails are formed. Now, atmospheric conditions play a huge role in this. Temperature and winds will cause the trail do either shift, dissipate or remain for minutes. The length of trails goes from just several feet, to several miles in length. This leads to ignorant people with tinfoil hats on to start making up theories to justify their fearful nature. There is no legitimate explanation to support the chemtrail theory. Just remember boys and girls, pilots are not taught where the chemtrail button is during flight school.[pullquote]

Caught a bunch of chemtrails today, and wouldn’t ya know it, I forgot my tinfoil hat…



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