Crossfired: A Spectacular Fly-In

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Tow Plane Beech 18 with Crossfire Fly-in

Over the summer a gaggle of around 30 RVs converged on a beautiful grass strip near Akron, OH. The destination – Crossfire’s, a veritable ‘field of dreams’ grass strip owned by John Fury.

Once, or more times, a year John opens up his home to a bunch of RV-drivers and anyone else who wants to attend.

His grass strip is beautifully nestled into the nearby hills and valleys of Northeast Ohio. Lunch is provided along with plenty of great conversation, and camaraderie.


John's beautiful homeJohn has built a few RVs and just finished his RV-7 when I attended last summer.

The weather was perfect and my friend Rick joined me as a two-ship. The arrival was ‘congested’, but manageable.

Lunch was fantastic and after some relaxing and socializing, it was time to saddle up.

Fury flyinTradition dictates a low approach after you depart and then Rick and I set sail for Columbus.

It was a fantastic fly-in and I can’t wait until next year!


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