Don’t wait on your dreams!

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Don’t wait on your dreams!
Recently I got a disturbing call from a good friend of mine. He was diagnosed with a disease that will forever clip his wings. This is a life-long aviator in his late 40s.

This really punctuates the need to not wait on your dreams. My friend has had a fantastic career as a professional pilot, although struck down much too soon, at least he has solace in knowing he did it his way.

It must be because I’m getting older, but I am learning to appreciate each day a little more.  As part of this thinking, I am becoming more focused on pursuing my passions today, become tomorrow is not guaranteed.

If you have dreams or goals that are on the shelf, get them down and go for them now!

Don’t wait until:

  • you are out of college (if you are a younger person)
  • you have more money
  • the kids are out of the house
  • you pay off the mortgage
  • you get that big promotion at work
  • you have more time

Don’t wait. If you have a vision you need to start on it now, even if you have to take smaller and/or slower steps as a result of your situation.

Two personal examples:

  • I started taking flying lesson at 14, which was 2 years before I could even solo – no regrets. I just took it slow with one or two lessons a month. I adjusted the plan.
  • I built my airplane a full 5 years earlier than the original “practical” plan – I couldn’t wait and I’m  super glad I didn’t.  Again I started slower and worked my way into it.

fly now

I know too many people who can’t seem to get off first base because they let life drag them down. Let’s face it, making excuses is certainly easier than taking action, so if you’re not a little uncomfortable in your life, you probably aren’t stretching it enough. Take more action.

Even if what you seek is totally impractical at this very moment, at least immerse yourself in that goal – research it, study it, visualize it. This starts the process and the universe has an amazing way of making the seemingly impossible possible, if you set your mind to it.

Happy hunting! Now get going!
by Brent Owens         

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