FAA Safety Briefing: A Free Publication From the FAA

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FAA Safety BriefingIf you don’t already know about the FAA’s free publication that comes out 6 times a year, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

FAA Safety Briefing is a very well done full-color glossy periodical that covers a wide variety of topics.

The Nov/Dec edition’s theme is on Small Airplane, Big World, so the focus is on international operations. Every edition has a general theme that the articles are written around.


I have found that most of the information inside is very well presented and useful to us GA guys.

If you want a hard copy that comes to your home, the FAA needs $21.00 per year to cover printing/mailing, but the online PDF is totally free or if you have FSDO in your area, they provide them free to the public.

The webpage is located here: http://www.faa.gov/news/safety%5Fbriefing/. This page has back-issues all the way to 2001! I promise if you go back and read all 61 editions you WILL be smarter than you are today.




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