Father and Son First Solo

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father and son first soloFather and Son First Solo

This came across the Twitter feed and I couldn’t resist the urge to put it up on my blog.

Father and son Michael and Gregory B. both solo’d a C-172 on the same day in Kissimmee, FL. According to Sun State Aviation’s Facebook page, this occurred on Wednesday, Oct 31st, 2012  – Happy Halloween indeed!

While this may not set any kind of Guinness world record, it is an awesome achievement that they will cherish all their days. I can’t image how cool it would be to share this experience with someone so important in your life. The bond between them is something only aviators will understand.


Michael's first soloMy dad learned to fly after I was already a CFI, in fact I did most of his training and solo’d him, which was really cool! Unfortunately he no longer flies due to health reasons, but those were some of our best memories and we still ‘talk pilot’ whenever we get together. He and my brother fly RC’s now.

I look forward to watching Michael and Greg’s progress and as someone mentioned, maybe a PPL checkride on the same day would be in order?

Greg first solo


Let’s hear it for these guys! Post your thoughts below.





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