My favorite (non turbine) airplanes

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clipped wing cubMy favorite airplanes
(non turbine)

Lets do a little dreaming. Image you have a bottomless bank account. What would we find in your hangar?

This would be a real challenge for me since I love all airplanes, but somehow I’d make due. He’s my choices as of today, ask me tomorrow and it’ll change. It resembles the Army Air Corps hierarchy of aircraft from 1944.


favorite airplanes

  1. First on my list the ubiquitous J3 Cub. But not just any Cub, I would have the aerobatic, clipped-wing version.
  2. Next up, the gorgeous Taperwing Waco, which has always been an airplane that I have lusted after. In lieu of the Waco I would take a nice Stearman, in keeping with the WWII theme.
  3. I would love a T-6, just because. They are such a cool looking brute of an airplane. I guess watching the Aeroshell T-6 team too many times has permenantly etched the T-6 into my wishlist.
  4. The Twin Beech would be a blast to have around and is a true classic and the only airplane on this list that I have actually flown. She’s a true lady.
  5. Now this will be a bit cliche, but I don’t care, I must have a P-51 Mustang. Nuff said!

Beyond that I would have to keep myself off so I wouldn’t buy up a bunch of fun planes. That list might include:

etc…you get the point.

nice airplanes


Who knew being rich could be so fun?!

What’s your list look like?

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