Flying As Art

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the art of flight

Flying As Art
I sometimes like to refer to flying as a form of art. In fact, I’m not alone in the sentiment; many have written beautifully about our craft.

Frankly I love the analogy. It allows your imagination to take over. You might visualize the sky as a canvas and your airplane as the paintbrush.

Like art, your intention, your actions and your movements need to be deliberate and smooth. I think this subtle point is missed by some of our comrades, who ratchet around the sky with the grace of an air hammer.
Many good instructors will teach in a way that instills this artisan spirit in their students and it shows.

I would suggest that even if you aren’t an instructor you can lead by example. It is always apparent when you fly with someone who uses their right brain a little more than the average joe. These folks can “whisper” to the airplane and it responds.

And just because you are making your flying into an art form doesn’t mean that you are just droning around straight and level, never exceeding 30 degrees of bank. On the contrary, opening up the envelope and exploring the less-used dimensions is where the magic really happens. This type of flying can be aggressive and smooth at the same time and that is truly art.

So the next time you break the surly bonds, take a moment to remind yourself that you are creating something beautiful.

If you want to feed your inner-artisan, here’s some recommended reading:

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