Flying Wild Alaska Saved My Marriage

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flying wild alaska

Flying Wild Alaska Saved My Marriage
Ok, just kidding! It didn’t save my marriage, but it may have the potential to significantly enhanced it. Let me explain.

My wife is deathly afraid to fly, when I first met her she had to be medicated to go on an airliner. She has gotten better over the years and can tolerate the ocassional airline flight, but I have had no success in coaxing her into my RV-8; for those keeping up, my -8 has been flying for over a year and half.

Recently, I talked her into watching an episode of Flying Wild Alaska (season one) on Netflix. I was impressed that she humored me enough to even entertain the idea.

But then something strange happened. She wanted to watch another episode. Then another! What was going on? Two days ago she declared that after watching hours of folks crawling in and out of airplanes, like we do our cars down in the lower-48, that these little airplanes can’t be that scary. I mean look at Jim Tweto’s bright red Cessna 180, it’s downright cute!

She even said that she would let Jim fly her in a small airplane! So either my wife is pining over a 59-year-old pilot from Alaska or she is really considering flying in a light airplane some day. Of course, Jim has over 30,000 hours so maybe she’s got a point.


Last night we came to the end of Season one on Netflix and at her request I feverishly explored the labyrinth of menus in search of more episodes; there were none to be found – rats!

So guess what I did this morning? I just order the Season 2 DVD! I need to keep this momentum going until Summer when I just might get my prize of taking her for a small airplane ride.

Of course, if that day ever comes it will have to be the nicest, calmest, most gorgeous sunset flight you could ever conjure up.

Until then, I’ll have to the let the power of reality TV continue to work on her psyche. Who knew?

by Brent

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