Flying with music

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flying with music

Flying with music
Oh the guilty pleasure of rocking out to your favorite tune while you are piloting an aircraft through the void. Is there anything more gratifying?

I remember as a young man trying to rig up my Sony Walkman (cassette tape) to my portable intercom in the ole -152; those where the days! 



iPod used during shuttle mission. NASA photo.

Now days technology makes this super-easy. Most modern intercoms and audiopanels have some sort of aux input. And who doesn’t have an iPod or iPhone to house their personal greatest hits?

As a proper avgeek, I have a couple of flight-specific playlists. Sometimes, I need something hard-charging if I going out for some acro. Conversely, something more cerebral might be in order for a cross-country or a $100 hamburger.

I love my intercom because it interrupts the music anytime the radio squawks or if someone breaks the squelch – isn’t it the simple things in life that count?

Since it’s the new year, it’s time to do a remix of your playlists and liven up the experience for 2013!

I’m glad I wasn’t born in the 1500s!

Disclaimer: You shouldn’t let your music gadget distract you from flying the aircraft. Keep you head up and maintain vigilance at all times. 

by Brent

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