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Lycoming Sportsman

Pilots are not unique when it comes to the state of euphoria that accompanies getting something new.

Recently, fellow builder and close friend, Greg Schroeder, had the experience of having a brand new Lycoming IO-375 show up on his doorstep. Greg is building a Sportsman 2+2 so this engine was a welcome sight indeed.

He sent a picture from his home base at Spruce Creek in Florida, and then followed it up with a phone call.
Celebrating successes with your friends…priceless!
I know when I was building my airplane, it seemed like every couple of months there was some new trinket showing up to the house, it was like Christmas all year round. Now that I’m out of the building mode, things like a the latest offering from Apple will have substitute. 

I know, I’m a bit materialistic, what can I say?

It has been scientifically proven that when you experience certain things your brain produces the “reward chemical,” called dopamine, which makes you feel good. In this case, obtaining something you desire will cause you to get that “reward.” There are several other less expensive ways to increase dopamine levels, such as diet, exercise, supplements, getting adequate sleep, but none of those seem like as much fun as getting the latest Garmin whiz-bang box for your panel. 

So lets hear it for Greg and may his dopamine rush last forevermore.

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