I want to build another airplane

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I want to build another airplane
It seems like around this time each year I get the craving to build another airplane. It must have something to do with the long winters up here in Ohio.

This affliction even affected me during the last winter of building my RV. In spite of the fact I was finishing the RV-8, I got all excited about building a Fokker Triplane; excited enough to order a set of plans! I know, I’m sick! 


So it is again that I want to find a way to break those Triplane plans out and start making parts. Of course, I have no time and little money to devote to such an endeavor. Maybe that’s why I want to, because I know I can’t. The forbidden fruit syndrome of airplanes.

After my last airplane, my wife declared no more building until retirement – Urghh! But she also said I shouldn’t start building my RV-8 until my youngest was 6 and I actually started it when she was 3 – everything’s negotiable.

The good news is the Triplane would be very cheap to build initially, further tempting me! Plus, it is plans-built, meaning there are no kit parts so every little piece is hand-made. This would likely make this a 7 or 8 year project at the pace I built my RV-8 (5 yrs to build).

What really needs to happen is a re-polish of my -8 along with finishing the smoke system.

I guess I’m a little ADD when it comes to my airplanes.

by Brent

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