iFLYblog.com Audiocast Episode #0

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iflyblog.com audiocast

This is my first episode, not sure why I called it #0, just seemed appropriate.  I am totally new to producing a podcast, but I listen to them all the time.

To be fair, this won’t really be a podcast in the traditional sense. The audiocast will simply be an audio version of posts that are here on the blog. The truth is, lots of folks like to listen to content rather than read it. Especially people who are on-the-go.

The audiocast does offer flexibility that doesn’t exist in the blog posts so it should be a value-add to people who check it out.

Hope you like it and please give me your feedback on iTunes – that helps me get noticed by other rabid aviators!

In this episode:

  • Introduction to the blog, the audiocast, and me
  • Building an airplane: What is it like?
  • Buying an Airplane

Items of interest:

  • Philosophy behind building an airplane – sort of a zen-like discussion of the matter.
  • Tips and resources for making that first aircraft purchase.


If you can’t see the player below, click here and scroll to the bottom

What do you think?

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by Brent

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