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iPad EFB

Since GPS nothing else has revolutionized aviation in recent history like the iPad. This was the first time in our industry a consumer electronic device gained widespread acceptance in the aerospace arena, and for good reason.

If you already fly with an iPad, nothing here will be new, so feel free to have the next ten minutes of your life back.

If you haven’t experienced what the iPad can do for your flying, read on.


ipad on the flight deckBy accident, the iPad has become the defacto electronic flight bag in large and small aircraft and among sport aircraft and airline cockpits alike.

The reason is simple, it works!

It’s cheap, reliable, intuitive, capable, customizable, and versatile. The only shortcoming I’m aware of is the readability suffers in bright sunlight conditions. This hasn’t been a huge issue as the FAA has approved its use in hundreds of airline flight decks.

The high points

  • Electronic charts and maps are the core competency of the device and it does this very well with its touch screen interface. You can zoom to your heart’s content.
  • Custom flight management applications, such as Foreflight,  have taken all the work out of flying and provide more functionality than most panel mounted solutions for almost no money. Weight and balance, performance, flight planning, charts, weather, you name it -the capabilities are unbridled.

On board documents

  • As a document reader we can bring along a virtual library that you can access in seconds. Great for answering questions about regs or theory or troubleshooting your specific aircraft.


  • With internet access you can get the most current information prior to saddling up. This can include TFR, NOTAMs, METARs, TAFs, radar, winds aloft, ad nauseam.

Personal device

  • Once you arrive at your destination you can use the iPad as a personal computer – bonus!


  • Electronic checklist
  • Logbooks
  • Moving map GPS
  • Electronic flight instruments
  • ADS-B in capability
  • Flight tracking/recording

To name a few of the thousands of aviation apps available.

foreflight on the ipadAlmost by accident the iPad has revolutionized aviation, wiping away over 100 years of carry paper maps and charts! Not to be dramatic, but it is a game-changer for general aviation.

Thank you Apple!

by Brent

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