It’s the end of the world. What did you do?

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End of the flying world

It’s the end of the world. What did you do?
Yesterday marked the end of the Mayan calendar, 12/21/12. I hope everyone got out and flew, just incase!

Unfortunately, the weather across Ohio was bad all day and I had to work, so I was left to fantasize about the whole thing.

What if yesterday really was our last day on Earth? Take that a step further, in an Alice-in-Wonderland kind of way, and pretend that you had to fly the day before it ended in observance of your true passion. So we’re talking about  Thursday 12/20/12. What kind of flying would you have done that day?


I know what I would have done…

Since Thursday was the day before the apocalypse and it went off without a hitch and society didn’t break-down and we didn’t go into martial law; I would have done the following with relative impunity:

12.20.12 Thursday 0400e  – While my family airlined to Cabo San Lucas for a little fiesta before the lights went out,  I would strap on my RV-8 and head South to Florida. Specifically Kissimmee, FL, home of Stallion51, home of the P-51 trainers.

by Daniel compton

12.20.21 Thursday 0800e First stop – Stallion51 in Kissimmee, FL for a little pre-arranged P-51 checkout. On a credit card of course.

12.20.21 Thursday 0930e Second stop – Fantasy of Flight Museum to confer with Mr. Weeks on the need to borrow one of his mustangs for the evening, or longer. Kermit is an eclectic guy and would certainly be contemplating this Mayan calendar thing pretty seriously; I expect he’d be good with it.

12.20.21 Thursday 1300c Third stop – Duncan, Oklahoma to say goodbye to my family and friends and refuel the ‘stang.

12.20.21 Thursday 1600p Forth stop – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Take my family for flights down the beach and whale spotting in the mustang.

12.20.21 Thursday 1740p Last flight: Launch at sunset and head west at full military power just above the waves and directly into that ball of fire we call the sun as it sinks into the dark, cold Pacific Ocean…

What would you have done?

by Brent

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