Living with your airplane part 1: Home strip

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Living with your airplane part 1: Home strip

I have often dreamt of living with my airplane; being able to launch into a beautiful sky by merely walking out my back door is as romantic as it gets.

First, only a very small group of us get to experience aviation this way. Most of use either don’t have the land or its unsuitable for your airplane. My personal situation is limited. I would need a STOL aircraft to keep an airplane at home; something that I endeavor to acquire some day. I have about 800′ of flat horse pasture that could be utilized.



It isn’t all roses though. I have spoken to several folks that own private strips and the upkeep isn’t insignificant. There is mowing, seeding, drainage, and rolling – depending on what part of the country you live in. If you are worried about liability then don’t forget the insurance as well.

I still feel like this would be well worth the effort. Or maybe the best situation is to have a neighbor with a grass strip! The savings on hangar rent and gas driving to the airport could help offset any additional expenses as well.

Having your pilot buddies over to the house would take on a whole new look as an impromptu fly-in ensues. And there is no doubt I would fly more not having to make a 25 minute hike to-and-from the airport each time I wanted to commit aviation.

I promise, if I move from my current residence, this will definitely factor that into the new hacienda.

Next edition we’ll discuss residential air parks for a full-immersion experience.

by Brent

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