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This post originated from a video I just finished (link below) so I thought I would share it here with a bit of an explanation behind it. 

Winter is firmly entrenched in Ohio and there is more on the way. Cabin fever is starting to kick in big time as I haven’t flown my airplane in almost a month. When that happens I have been known to compulsively go back through old flying pictures and videos to sort of  “scratch the itch.”

Since my RV-8 first flew on August 13, 2012 I have amassed a sizable library of in-flight video. I have used 3 different cameras in at least 6 different positions inside and outside the airplane. It makes for a lot of fun.  I also use the footage to capture stuff during a test flights or for training purposes, like when I’m flying formation. Makes a great tool to go back and critic yourself.

Since a single point of view (POV) gets tediously I usually don’t publish each one, not to mention not everyone is interested in seeing my drive around in my RV-8 all the time.

But with all this media on various computers and hard drives throughout the house, I thought it might be time for a compilation video of some of my favorite scenes. It is 6 minutes long, but it began as almost 40 hours of video that I trimmed down to 45 minutes, then to 10 minutes, and so on.

After I did most of the editing and I was contemplating a title, it occurred to me that this video represents the aviation version of my bliss.

You often hear gurus and others talk about “following your bliss” and indeed I prescribe to that line of thought. Following your bliss just means doing what you love – pretty simple concept. How you follow your bliss is where it can be difficult. And what if you worked your butt off and didn’t accomplish what you set out to do? Or worse yet, what if you did make it to the destination only to learn that you no longer love what you do (burned out or lost interest)? 

I offer no solutions to these life problems, only two thoughts:

If you are on the journey to what you believe is your bliss – you are living it. Enjoy it. Don’t take the path for granted.

If you find yourself at the destination and you no longer love it. Maybe it’s time to pivot? Maybe you need to reexamine what makes you happy? Did something else capture your heart along the way? Hobbies are easy to change, careers…not so much.  Find a way to rekindle that fire that set you on this course and you might be surprised at what happens.

For anyone that does what they love for a living, it’s like a marriage, it will have its ups and downs and we need to be committed to it. Be sure to look inside for that bliss that has always been there. 

by Brent Owens <click on my name to email me>


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