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Airplanes can be fun but at the end of the day, they’re just metal, wood, and composite.  The one ingredient required in enjoying aviation is people.  I have written before that I am the luckiest guy I know.  Line guy to pilot has given me a great life.  But without the people that have been placed in my life, I would not have the years of great memories.

Nate's Stearman

 Stan’s Swift


A little over a year and a half ago, my Wife and I moved to a new area.  After getting settled in our first house, I found a local airport.  After finding my new home airport, the first order of business was to get reacquainted with GA and get some tail wheel flying in.  Next I joined the Texas Antique Airplane Association.  Since that time, I have been exceedingly lucky for getting to know some truly great people.  Along the way, I have met flight instructors, mechanics, pilot shop owners, airplane restorers, and genuinely cool old dudes.

Tommy's Little Toot

Mike’s C-180


Some are retired and are able to spend their extra time with their passion.  Others are working professionals hammering out their craft for their livelihood.  Some are weekend flyers escaping the office.  Some are still building their aviation resume looking forward to professional aviation.  The one theme with everyone is the understanding that aviation and its enthusiasts are special.

Stan's Swift

Blake and Monica’s RV-7

Why do I believe aviation people are special?  Lots of people drive cars.  Some golf, fish, or enjoy other hobbies. What I thinks makes aviation people different is the barriers of entry and exclusivity. I wish both were much less formidable.  From someone’s intro ride to that same person giving rides is a long journey.  Many start flight training and few finish.  Flight training is time consuming and expensive not to mention the numerous stressful checkrides.  Fortitude is required for the journey.  For the ones that make it through the hoops lies a fraternity.

Gene's C-140

Gene’s C-140


If you are considering aviation as a fun hobby or possible profession, I encourage you to  do so.  I have found aviation rewarding and have met life long friends along the way.  If you are already lucky enough to be involved with aviation, I encourage you to pass some of that fun you have had with someone else.  I know my life is better because other people made a decision to invest in mine.  Please join me in paying it forward for others this upcoming year.

Mike's C-180

Nate’s Stearman


Join or renew your membership with AOPA and EAA.  Give a ride to someone interested.  If you have the means, consider charity flying like Pilots n Paws or Angel Flights.  Whatever you do will be appreciated by someone else and is a great way to say thanks to the people that have added value to your life.

Blake and Monica's RV-7

Tommy’s Little Toot


I wanted to take a second to show off some great airplanes I have been lucky enough to have been around and show them off for their owners.  Great people sharing their great airplanes.  That’s what aviation is all about.
2015 was great for my Wife and I.  I can’t wait for 2016!

-Matthew Hood

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