RV-10 In Progress

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Van's RV-10

RV-10 In Progress

A good friend of mine, Bob Leffler, is nearing completion of his beautiful RV-10. I have seen this airplane materialize over the years and it is really going to be a nice ship.

As he is starting to get into the firewall forward parts of the build  he asked for some assistance with his magnetos. He is modifying his Slick mags to run a G3i electronic ignition. This is a really neat setup as it doesn’t take out magneto’s inherent mechanical redundancy, but you get the benefits of modern variable electronic ignition (more power/more efficient) – I am putting this on my wish list for sure.

Bob’s airplane is based at Delaware, OH. so I used this visit as an excuse to fly up there in my -8. Wink

Visiting Bob’s RV-10 from iflyblog.com on Vimeo.


Once there, I got a first hand look at his airplane in its new livery – beautiful! Then it was time to get to work. We pulled the mags off and started about modifying them per the G3i instructions. It was pretty straight forward, especially after we did the first one.

Dana and Dan stopped by to say high, on their way down to Bolton for lunch. Always good to see those guys!

Slick MagnetoUnfortunately I ran out of time so we’ll have to reconvene to get them timed up – something I don’t want to rush.

It was a fun day hanging out and doing airplane stuff.

by Brent Owens

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