Short Sortie: A Normal Flight in the RV-8

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Short flight with CloudahoyShort Sortie: A Normal Flight in the RV-8

Since the last time I flew the -8 was four weeks ago, I was looking for any excuse to go flying yesterday. My home airport doesn’t have fuel so I have to go to other airports to top-off.

So the mission today was to top-off the fuel tanks at a nearby airport, do a couple of aileron rolls in between, try out a new camera mount, and return to base. I ended up with .5 on the hobbs so it was a cheap way to clean out the cobwebs after several weeks off.

I had to go out on a dawn patrol (early morning) due to family constraints, which was fine by me as I love the morning air; plus starting my day committing aviation is my preferred method of existence. I did miss out on a couple of primo meet-ups that were occurring later in the day, but again family comes first. For me, my flying day ended at 9am, well before most were even getting started.

I actually remembered to turn on my Cloudahoy app on my iphone, so I took a picture of my flight down to ¬†Lancaster, Oh. and inserted it at the top. It’s really a neat app and the best part is the price – free!

I experimented with a new camera angle and it was a total flop. I captured a few stills and put them below, but the position of the camera showed too much of the top wing and no visible horizon unless I was turning or inverted…

I used a Drift170HD and it works great mounted internally, but when mounted outside sometimes it locks up and I lose all the footage. My next camera will likely be that GoPro Hero 3.

RV-8 footage

If the weather holds next weekend I plan to attend a Young Eagles Rally. We’ll see…


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