Sunday Sortie

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Rick’s RV-4 on my left wing

Sunday Sortie

Due to my annual inspection and vacation, post-Oshkosh flying has been minimal at best. My usual ritual of once-a-week sorties all but dried up.

Looking to correct this issue, and with perfect fall flying weather at my disposal, I got organized and set aside firm plans to fly Sunday (Sept 30th).

A quick text to my buddy Rick and an email to my friend Srihan, Sri for short, and we had a plan.

Sri getting ready to go

1300e rendezvous at my home airport, Buckeye Executive. Rick would fly in his RV-4 and Sri would do GIB (Guy in Back) duties in my RV-8, perfect.

The weather was excellent and we had no where to go so we just went out South of the field for some much needed formation practice – needed for me, not Rick.


We took off and flew as a two-ship formation, practicing different positions, wing overs, rejoins, etc. The clouds provided a beautiful backdrop.

Sri is an hang glider and RC pilot so he had no problems handling the -8 from the rear -pit (sorry Sri, should have brought more cushions) and flew about half of the mission with Rick on his wing. The other half was relagated to my playing yo-yo trying to stay on Rick’s wing – I need to practice more!

Sri doing the fun part – flying!

After almost an hour, we came back to Buckeye and since there was no traffic we did our customary overhead approach and landed uneventfully, if don’t count my bounce.

Post-flight including adjusting my tailwheel chains and shooting the bull before heading our separate ways.

It was a perfect way to spend a few hours on a lazy fall afternoon with friends!




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