Takeoff – Aviation Weather App: Review

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mobile weather appI recently had an opportunity to try what is now my favorite aviation weather app –

Takeoff – Aviation Weather

I have like five weather apps on my iphone and ipad, but none of them were really optimized for what I wanted to see as a pilot. The beauty behind this app is that it instantly tells me at a glance if the weather is good enough to go flying – that’s what I had been looking for.

How does it do this? Well it gives you a go-no go based on YOUR personal parameters of ceiling, visibility and winds. It color codes each airport as RED, YELLOW, or GREEN depending on the conditions as compared to your parameters. It’s so simple, yet so useful!

It will also display your area airports in a list or map format, same for routes, which is really handy for X/C work. Don’t worry, you can still get all sorts of textual data as well.

I have only used it on my iphone 4S, but it’s ipad and android (phone or tablet) compatible too.


I am barely scratching the surface so you need to check out this app. It’s really inexpensive, especially in airplane dollars, and you’ll love it – no I’m not on commission with these guys!

Go here to learn more: http://TakeOffAviationWeather.com/. They have lots of images, descriptions and even videos that show you exactly how it works before you buy. Now if everything else in my computer life worked so well!

by Brent Owens

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