Taking Planes to See Disney’s Planes

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Planes - the movieby Mike Wojcik
Anyone remotely interested in aviation is buzzing about this movie. Folks attending Oshkosh this year will get to be the first or Top Gun, to see it. The rest of us will have to settle for wingman. Of course I am talking about the theatrical release of “Planes” August 9th.
I have a predicament though. My son, now 17, is not into serving his father’s inner child by escorting me to the movie theatre to see an animated flick. Add if he was interested in seeing it, he could simply drive himself and take a certain red-headed young lady.
While we still go to movies together, the PIXAR/DISNEYTOON relationship has come to a screeching halt and I am in need of a new excuse.
Then the little light bulb came on inside. Over the years I have given many airplane rides. The current routine of departing from home base of Marysville OH (KMRT) to Urbana OH (I74) has developed. With a restaurant on the field, it is a classic place to what we all know and enjoy as the $100.00 hamburger, and encourage everyone to check it out.
After a little research I found a movie house that is less than five minutes away from a different airfield. A co-worker with a 6-year-old, is talking everything airplanes these days. I can take this little guy, his mom and dad to Bolton Field (KTZR). My experience has been most FBO’s are very accommodating, especially if you call ahead. We will bum a ride to the theatre, and I can confidently get my ticket with said young person in tow.
An early twilight flight with a little popcorn and family entertainment should make for a fun evening.
So recruit some airplane buffs, young and old and build your flight plan. If you live in the Columbus, OH. area and think you would like to join me, reply to this post.

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