The Professional Private Pilot

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The Professional Private Pilot
Sounds like an oxymoron, but does it have to be?

I have flown with dozens of pilots who only fly for their own enjoyment that flew with a high degree of professionalism.

I attribute this to good training and more importantly, a good attitude.

Conversely I have flown with others, who flew with reckless abandon. This group ran the gamut from pro to novice.

The folks who seem to have this professional edge aren’t just snappy checklist readers. They have a mindset that seeks to execute with safety and precision. This permeates their decision-making as well. They know it’s not just great stick-and-rudders skills that are needed to complete a mission.

The cerebral side of flying is what gets most pilots in trouble. Many bad decisions are masked by good skills. That will only last so long before the law of averages catches up to them.

Here are 3 key traits that I believe are essential to bringing professionalism into your flying:

  • Stick and rudder: foundational. If you don’t have the motor-skills, you might want to find a new hobby
  • Proficiency: Striving for excellence in your flying. Practice your craft
  • Knowledge: The work ethic to stay knowledgable about your aircraft, the rules and regulations, and all pertinent information applicable to the operation at hand
  • Judgement: Something that is almost impossible to teach, but the pro will always endeavor to refine

These are easy to say, but hard to do. You have to work at this stuff.

flighttrainingindianapa.comSo for anyone aspiring to this level it takes self-awareness, self-control and the desire to make it happen.

A true professional will always seek perfection, knowing it is essentially unobtainable.

Happy hunting!

by Brent

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