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Well it was bound to happen. I had started with a pretty clean website and gradually over time it became a little (or a lot) cluttered. As someone that fancies themselves a purist, particular when it comes to visual things, it was starting to grate on me. 

To make matters worse, my friend Ron Rapp just did a makeover of his site a few months back and it’s so clean I can’t tell if it’s more rewarding looking at it or reading it. It’s total eye candy.

So I spent the last several months lamenting about what I wanted to do with iFLYblog. My other site – fixedwingbuddha.com is pretty modern and setup to my liking for it’s mission. This site….not so much.

I ended up splurging for a $50 theme over at themeforest and after about five hours of wrestling with FTP clients, zip files, plugins, and the like, it is up and running as you see it here. Oh, there are plenty of tweaks needed, but I’ll tackle those over the next coming weeks. Cold weather has stricken Ohio so there’s not much to do any way.

My hope is the new wrapper for my writing will make the experience more enjoyable and less distracting.

Let me know your thoughts below. I’d love to hear your impressions, good and bad. If you really like it, sign up to received updates as they are published and please share via social media.




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