Airplane Withdrawals

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Airplane Withdrawals
Well I haven’t flown the RV since December 1st and it’s really getting to me. I endeavor to fly weekly even in the winter, but the last month and a half have been tough with work, family, and the weather.

I can usually detect the onset of withdrawals. It starts with a nagging sense that I am missing something. Then it evolves into an irritation that I can’t shake. And finally, when left untreated it escalates into a full-blown psychosomatic episode that can only be described as an adult temper tantrum. I am truly a grouch.


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At this point if I don’t get relief, there will be consequences. I start to say things like, “I’m going flying, I don’t care what’s on my schedule!” I’m also prone to verbally threatening the TV weatherman if the forecast isn’t favorable, refraining from actual throwing my TV down a flight of stairs.

This whole thing is really unnecessary. One of my challenges is being :25 minutes from my airplane. I would fare much better if it was with me at KCMH where I work. I keep threatening to move it, but I’d miss the charm of my current abode at Buckeye (9OA5) – and the cheaper hangar rent. I am sure this will be a topic of a future post, or two.

As I pout, I do perceive one good thing that happens when time separates me from my airplane; it makes our reunion so much richer and I will usually savor the moment even more.

So even if I have to crawl those 25 miles, I will hopefully make my way to the airport this weekend to get my fix. When I do, I’ll make sure to report back and let you know that Mr. Hyde has been transformed back into Dr. Jekyll.

Let me know how you handle your addiction…

by Brent

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