iFLYblog.com Book Club January 2013: You Can Fly Now

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You can fly nowEach month I will feature an aviation book that I would recommend you add to your collection.

This month I read a really cool book about learning to fly. Titled You Can Fly Now: Your Keys to a Sky Full of Opportunity, by John S. Craparo. This book is a really quick read, but it covers the full spectrum of LSA from a guy that has been-there-done-that. John explores all of the different aspects of LSA from float planes to powered parachutes, to legacy LSAs and he writes it in a way that is fun to read and easy to grasp.fly ercoupe

I was so excited after reading the book I was ready to go out and do an add-on float rating! He really makes it sound fun and provides some real-world details that demystifies many elements of learning to fly. I highly recommend this book to anyone thinking about learning to fly (LSA or not). I also recommend it to folks that are already flying as a great way to see how LSA can work well and how fun it can be.

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