AirVenture Oshkosh 2013

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Airventure 2013

I will have to start this post out with a tinge of regret. You see I am most likely not going to make it to “the show” this year due to family obligations. There is the remotest of chances that my situation will change, and I’m clinging to that hope dearly, but in the end I’ll likely be enjoying Oshkosh 2013 from the iMac.

If you haven’t been to Oshkosh you need to figure out how to get there, be it train, plane, or automobile! Don’t have the cash? Beg, borrow, or steal it! No time off? Call in sick! You must go at least once in your life!
If you’ve already been, I assume you are returning or have a good excuse like me.
In the words of journalist David Hartman, “Oshkosh is the best of Americana!”
It represents what is great and good about this Nation and our sport.
The grounds are spotless, the people are incredibly nice, the atmosphere electric, especially during the storms that inevitably occur each year. Don’t worry your airplane’s insured right?

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Anything and everything aviation is there. It is the Mecca! The holy land of winged conveyances.
You will leave there humbled, inspired, exhausted, and elated! And you will be so overwhelmed that you might say you’re not going back next year, but you will – you have to. In the first six months of each year your aviator DNA will starting beckoning for the upcoming Oshkosh.
When you arrive you will be greeted with smiles from the army of happy volunteers. You’ll likely be unaccustomed to such pleasantness. Get used to it, it’s SOP at OSH!
Once you are there a few days, you’ll forget that the outside world isn’t like this and you will be in for a culture shock when you return home. After my trip last year I forgot this fact and I walked around greeting everyone I saw until I noticed none of the Ohioans were greeting me back – duh!

I almost forgot the airplanes, there will be thousands there, almost all of them flew in! You will find yourself walking around, eyes stinging from forgetting to blink. It doesn’t matter what kind of airplane you like, it’ll be there – probably several examples.

I prefer to camp, making it a total immersion experience, but that’s not for everyone. Waking up beside the airplane you wrought with your own hands in the land of winged-machines is almost too much for my little psyche to take!

So if you are thinking about going to Airventure, us ole timers call it “Oshkosh,” then look no further than to get the lowdown. You will be glad you did.

Have a great story or question about OSH? Put it below in the comments.

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