The Most Indecent Proposal: The video that shouldn’t have went viral

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Last year a video made the rounds of aviation forums and websites across the internet. It was so wildly circulated that it actually graduated to mainstream media, landing the two “stars” several interviews including a coveted audience with Ellen – that was a joke guys, sorry ladies.

The video showed a young couple flying along in a small airplane – nothing unusual about that.  But things quickly turned sour when they had some kind of flight control malfunction, which looked dire. The punch line is the emergency was staged to provide an opportunity for the young man, who was acting as the PIC, to ask his girlfriend to marry him.

I watched the video in rapt suspense and then I saw it – the horror in that young women’s face. That unmistakable look of fear as her pilot-boyfriend repeatedly shoved the nose down towards Lake Michigan hard enough to make them float off of their seats as he announced they were in trouble.

Before I launch off on my tirade I need to let you know that I am in the very unenviable situation of being in love with a women who is deathly afraid of flying. Don’t ask how a life-long aviator came to be in such a situation – I guess love is truly blind. As such, my view of this ‘stunt’ is probably tainted.

You see I would give anything to take my wife flying in a light airplane and I watched in horror as this “professional pilot” intentionally gives his beautiful fiancé a heart attack over Chicago!

This might be one of the more irresponsible things I have ever seen. Even in my reckless youth, I never intentionally scared someone in an airplane.

To make matters worse, this silly premeditated act has been circulated not just by the ignorant mainstream media, but many of our own have said “bravo” to the grim-reaper-future husband! I would like to mention, that most of the mainstream reports didn’t exactly think it was cute or funny. I think many saw what I observed – someone using an airplane and the gift of flight to create a cruel prank.

Certainly with its popularity this horrific experience will be repeated in cockpits for years to come as a “clever” way of proposing to your future husband or wife.

If you watch the video, you will see that the charming girlfriend was extremely gracious and accepted his proposal, while still in shock I might add.

She admitted in interviews that she truly believed she was going to die….sad indeed!
The YouTube video has 4.3 million views, but now is blocked. Here’s a link to an interview done by ABCNews that shows parts of the video – Click here if you can’t see the embedded video above.

Don’t try this at home!

What are your thoughts? Post them below.

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