FAASTeam Safety Seminar

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FAAST meetingLast weekend our local EAA and IAC Chapters hosted the annual joint safety seminar. We also have a FAASTeam representative there so we can give FAA Wings credit to whomever attends.

The last couple of years, the venue has been PrimeAero at Marysville airport here in Central Ohio. They are gracious hosts and let us use their heated hangar (it was a little chilly as Winter doesn’t want to give up to Spring yet).

By my count there were just under 50 people in attendance – not bad for a blustery day in this part of the world.

Speakers included IAC 34 President Dr. Jeff Granger, who provided an introduction to the International Aerobatic Club (IAC) and competition flying in general. It was a great talk and I always pick up a thing or two when I hear Jeff speak.

I was next up with a brief talk on Plan Continuation Bias, more on that topic in an upcoming post.

After me, was Gordon Penner. Gordon, is a Master CFI – Aerobatics and also a professional pilot, flying 747s for his day job. Gordon’s talks are always very informative and he delivers them in the perfect style for aviator – direct and to the point. His discussions on stall/spins and roll coupling are worth hearing (he has a webinar on EAA.org – link here). We are really lucky to have an aviation educator of his caliber in our local area!

Next was FAASTeam Representative, pilot, and AME, Dr. Robert Lewis. He gave a talk about aeromedical certification and also on hypoxia. Dr. Lewis also went on to host a thorough discussion on taildragger flying – one of my favorite topics.

All in all it was a great way to spend a cloudy, windy, cold day in Ohio and I came away smarter than before – which is always a plus.

by Brent Owens


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