HGS Flight: an iPad app review

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HGS Flight: an iPad app review
Rockwell Collins produced this FREE app for iPads to showcase their Head-up Guidance technology. See below:

From the Rockwell Collins website: Rockwell Collins has unveiled HGS™ Flight, a new app that lets users experience the company’s Head-up Guidance (HGS) with synthetic vision on an iPad®. The free app is available for download in the Apple® iTunes® App Store.

“Eyes-up, out-the-window flying with head-up guidance is the future and we’re allowing anyone with an iPad to see firsthand the precision, increased situational awareness and efficiency that HGS brings,” said Colin Mahoney, vice president, Sales and Marketing for Commercial Systems at Rockwell Collins. “This app is meant for anyone, including current and future pilots, aircraft owners, passengers and any aviation enthusiast who wants to see what it’s like to fly with HGS.”


HGS2The HGS Flight app goes beyond standard head-up display symbology like flight path vector, speed and altitude, and lets users simulate flights using real-life advanced features that enable more precise flying. These include an approach guidance cue, speed error tape and acceleration caret. The app also features synthetic vision to allow users to see a virtual view of terrain despite any weather condition.

The videogame-style app offers a ‘career’ mode to build HGS skill, and a ‘challenge’ mode where users can define settings such as visibility and wind if they already are experts. [end of Rockwell Collins press release]


It’s for ipads only – doesn’t work on anything else. Sorry folks.

I downloaded this app onto my antique iPad 1. I didn’t expect it to even run on it, but so far it has done fine. The app isn’t loaded with features, but it is entertaining in a sadomasochistic sort of way. The ‘flight controls’ are really sensitive. More like flying a helicopter than an airplane. I keep chanting to myself “small corrections, small corrections”. After about :15 of play, I started to get the hang of it, then the difficulty went up and I was back into the weeds. Oh well, it’s all for fun and who knows I might learn a thing or two. As a tip, support on the arm of a chair or something similar. This allows you to move in all axis, but still stay stable.

Warning: It’s highly addictive! Better set aside an hour once you launch it.

by Brent

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