New Year’s Resolutions…aviation style

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pilot goals 2013New Year’s Resolutions…aviation style
With 2013 already in full swing, I thought it appropriate to post up my aviation related goals for the new year. Many of you know this, but there is a lot of power in actually writing these things down – they seem to have a greater chance of actually happening.

In all fairness, I did procrastinate on making this list since the end of the world was potentially looming and I didn’t want to waste the effort until the coast was clear.

The List:

#1  Fly more! I only put 50 hours on the RV-8 last year. This year I’d like to double that number.

#2  Make some epic flying videos. Armed with my new GoPro and my old Drift170HD, I’d love to make a few edits that really stand out.

#3  Give more rides. I have a backlog of rides I have promised folks. Time to whittle that down.


#4  Volunteer at 3 or more aviation events; be it giving Young Eagles rides at a rally or working the grounds at Oshkosh.

#5  Do at least one thing to further my aviation education, could be an add-on rating or some kind of course or seminar.

#6  Get the RV-8 IFR certified and fly it IMC. It needs a pitot static and a transponder check first. I also want a backup handheld radio (Looking at the Sporty’s SP-400 NAV/COMM) and she’ll be good to go.

#7  Mentor at least one person, could be a newbie or an active pilot.

What are some of your goals for  2013?

by Brent

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