iFLYblog.com Book Club December 2012: Top Gun Days

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Top Gun

Each month I will feature an aviation book that I would recommend you add to your collection.

I recently finished this book and it was an outstanding read – I couldn’t put it down! If you love books that are written by the person who was there and did the real stuff, you’ll love this book. If you liked the movie Top Gun, you’ll love this book. Why? Because the author, Dave “Bio” Baranek was there. Not only did Bio go to Top Gun as a student, he later taught there as an instructor during the making of the movie and helped with the flying and production! Personally, I watched this movie as a teenager over a half dozen times while it was still in the theatre.

Top Gun InstructorsThere are some really great first person accounts of Naval Aviation and military fighter flying in general. This book also takes you behind the scenes in a movie that was an inspiration to thousands of young pilots that are out there flying today.

If you want to know more about Bio and his work, you can find him at www.topgunbio.com

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