Paying it forward: aviation style

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Paying it forward: aviation style

This year Indiana resident and pilot , Nancy Warren, did an amazing thing.

Nancy is a member of the United Flying Octogenarians. That membership requirement is to be actively flying past 80 years of age. At 84 years young, Nancy has been going strong flying her trusty Cardinal.

A few years ago Nancy befriended a young college student who made contact about her flying exploits. Thomas Kieffer and her became fast friends. He introduced her to his friend, Eric DeBusk, and the three of them flew together often, sometimes in a rental and sometimes in Nancy’s Cardinal. They also made several long distance trips together.


On a recent long trip to Florida in her airplane, the three of them met for breakfast and Nancy made a startling announcement; she was giving Thomas and Eric the Cardinal.

The boys were visibly moved by what can only be described as one of the kindest gestures anyone could ever do for a fellow aviator.

Nancy had made the conscious decision to hang up her spurs before she got to a point where she might be unfit to fly. In doing so, she bestowed a surprise gift to two very unsuspecting friends.

That gift won’t last forever, but the memory of it will certainly last their lifetimes!

Article I referenced was published Nov 29th by The Republic is here:

by Brent

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