iFLYblog.com Book Club October 2012: Fate is the Hunter by Ernst Gann

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Each month I will feature an aviation book that I would recommend you add to your collection.

Appropriately, the first book is the seminal work by Captain Ernest Gann – Fate is the Hunter. This is my favorite flying book of all time!

The romance and thrill that was present when our transportation system was just being born is captured in his non-fiction work. If you haven’t had to the chance to read this book, you owe it to yourself to buy it immediately and set aside anything else you are reading. You will not regret it! Gann gives you a taste of the glory days of airline flying along with the not-so-glorious parts and he does it with a prose that I have not seen matched in an aviation writing.

Buy it through the link below and you are helping support this site.

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