Right Break

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In the spirit of the article published here today on formation flying, I thought I would share this simple video with you. It was a mid-day flight and rough down low so forgive the camera shake.

The video was shot at Port Columbus (KCMH) in Columbus, Oh. Rick was flying lead in his RV-4 and I was #2 in my RV-8. We requested an overhead approach with a right break to runway 28R. The video starts with us joining the initial, which is flown at pattern altitude, straight up the runway (upwind), at 130-140 knots. At the mid-field, #1 makes the right break to join right traffic and two seconds later #2 follows. Since we were a flight of two, we can operate as one airplane in the eyes of the controller.

If needed, here’s a direct link to the mobile version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8sfb68hbBQ&feature=g-upl

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