My Most Memorable Passenger


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This is my humble contribution to the #blogformation group in which we are writing about our most memorable passenger(s).

Having flown for hire all of my adult life, I have seen a lot different passengers. My most memorable one came from the days when I flew piston twins for a company in my home town. 

The trip was an early morning flight from the corporate headquarters up to Idaho. It was a predawn departure with a frontal system moving across the plains full of raging thunderstorms. 
Not a problem for our seasoned passenger, she traveled on the company C-310 all the time. We take off and head northwest and within a 100 miles we are into the weather with deafening rain and heavy moderate turbulence. The stormscope, our only on board weather avoidance device – besides the radio – was very active. The controller that morning was no help at all, not so much.  
We managed to pick our way through and found smooth air on the other side. We were feeling good. Our passenger had slept through it all. No problems. We were glad she was relaxed through all that, because we weren’t. 
Several hours later as we approach the destination it’s now daylight and our passenger decides it’s time to change clothes. 
Not sure how she did it, but she managed to change into business attire within minutes, much to the surprise of her all male crew. 
Like I said, she was a seasoned traveler and not much bothered her. 
Me and the fellow that flew that trip still laugh about it today. 

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